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"Ashley Walters ... played Berio's late Sequenza XIV for solo cello with the kind of brilliance that beckons a major new performer on the new music scene."

Mark Swed, LA Times


"Walters breathes life into each work with her astounding virtuosity."

Brandon, Rolle, New Classic LA


"...and Ashley Walters' cello paints the rich, beautiful hues that subtly enhance the entire proceedings - the most auspicious addition to a jazz ensemble since Chico Hamilton brought the instrument into his chamber groups in the late 1950's."

Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz 


"And I’m still trying to hear exactly how the cellist Ashley Walters accomplishes her constant blend of tonal majesty and hard-scrabble grating with just one bow and four strings."

Fritz Byers, Jazz Spectrum 91


“The swirling texture and often agitated phrasing was accurately and confidently played, a showcase for the virtuosity that Ms. Walters dependably brings to all her performances.” 

Paul Muller, Sequenza 21


"...the band Wadada enlisted for this project was an expansion of his dream-team of veterans known as the Golden Quartet (Anthony Davis on piano, John Lindberg on bass, and Pheeroan akLaff on drums), with the acquisition of the young cellist Ashley Walters, who adds chamberesque texture and diversified colors to the organic divagations."

Filipe Freitas, Jazz Trail


"The addition of cellist Ashley Walters to the group for this recording provides Smith with a greater sonic palette and contributes to a soundscape and musical moments unheard before in his recordings."

Brian Lefresne, Black Grooves


"The double-album contains the veteran jazz quartet that helped power Summers and adds in the impressive cello work of Ashley Walters."

Seth Colter Walls, Pitchfork


"New music cellist Ashley Walters is almost a one-woman string section, balancing out the jazz and chamber music sides."

Kevin Whitehead, Fresh Air (NPR) 


"The addition of the cello is a very nice touch, and Walters is able to dart around the music in addition to providing more articulated gravitas during the more somber passages."

Tim Niland, Music and More


"...there are many moments of thoughtful and quiet beauty much of which is conveyed by the beautiful playing of Walters."

Karl Ackermann, All About Jazz


“Lullaby 6 [written by Nicholas Deyoe] is a masterly work of complex composition and, in this performance, well-matched to the imposing talents of the soloist.”

Paul Muller, Sequenza 21


"Walters' sinewy lines compliment the leader's clarion calls, lending a solemn timelessness to the proceedings..."

Troy Collins, All About Jazz


"...and cellist Ashley Walters contributions were consistently compelling."

Robert Bush, All About Jazz


"Finally, Ms. Walters grasped both bow types - one in each hand - and continued with an amazing show of virtuosity by using them simultaneously. ...Invisibility expands the sonic language of the cello in new and intriguing ways and this deft performance by Ms. Walters was received with strong applause."

Paul Muller, Sequenza 21


"Three String players (Ashley Walters, Andrew McIntosh, and Andrew Tholl) provided a knockout performance of Greek composer Xenakis' harshly expressive, hard sawing trio, 'Ikhoor.'"

Mark Swed, LA Times


"And a savvy dance audience responded loudly to cellist Ashley Walters' live accompaniment for the Ballet Arts Ensemble of Fairfax." 

Jane Vranish, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


"Standouts include Matthew Armstrong as Merce and Samara Kaplan as Pina who embody their flesh and movement style, and Ashley Walters on cello."

Kris Eitland,